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Orbital Saws

Pipe Saw Lite & R Series


  LEFON Orbital Pipe Saws are the cost effective and reliable solution to square cut and bevel almost all types of metal pipe. All R Series orbital pipe saws deliver a precise, square and clean cut, making it unnecessary to do any additional preparation work on the cut-off face for orbital welding.


Operational Procedure


The cutting is executed by manually rotating the machine housing 360 degrees around the pipe and then, with a circular toothed blade driven by 1600 watt motor, the pipe is cut with one single rotation. It is powered by a powerfuland sturdy electric motor equipped with six speed regulators.

  • Advantages:

  • The orbital pipe saw can deliver precisely straight cut, burr-free, is ideal for cutting stainless steel pipe

  • The pipe saw adopt cold cut to prevent thermal distortion, is the cutting solution for materials like stainless pipe, copper, carbon steel, etc.

  • The pipe saw/pipe cutter has fast pipe clamping, deformation-free clamping system

  • The pipe saw can be easily set up regardless of the pipe diameter

  • The pipe saw is easy to operate, almost no training needed

  • The pipe saw only takes a few seconds to finish the cut with one single rotation around the pipe

  • The pipe saw can do simultaneous cutting and beveling with beveling blade mounted in addition to cutting blade

  • The cutting speed regulation can be adjusted to cut different wall thickness pipe

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