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Pipe Beveling  ID Mount 200 Series


Model 204B ID Mount

Tri Tool’s Model 204B BEVELMASTER pipe beveler features inline feed for general ease-of-use and excellent cutting control, a powerful 1.5HP motor and a versatile cutting head which that accepts a wide variety of bits. The head is sealed to protect the inner components. The solid milled body has a heavy-duty gear set and tapered roller bearings for reliability. A tool steel mandrel and durable hardened steel mounting blocks provide positive grip and the 1.5″ feed length is perfect for deep counterboring and additional accessories.


Model 208B ID Mount

The extremely, rugged, powerful Model 208B portable pipe beveler has the features you want for dependable weld preps. The beveling machine is rigid, light in weight, and features adjustable torque keys that compensate for wear, preventing slop and vibration and producing smoother cuts. Elbow mandrel, miter mandrel, and flange facing modules enhance machining capabilities. The holder design of the Model 208B pipe beveler allows for full viewing of machining operation, and pipe facing, beveling and counterboring can be performed simultaneously. A 3HP motor and strong roller bearings make the Model 208B a true powerhouse.

Model 214B ID Mount

The Model 214B BEVELMASTER™ provides a wide working size range with a single standard mandrel. The open design of the tool holders allows for full viewing of machining operations for simultaneous facing, beveling and counterboring. Torque key adjustment on the mandrel prevents backlash and vibration, providing smoother cutting. A double enveloping worm gear set is used for maximum strength and machine life. The industry workhorse for machines in this class.


Pipe Beveling  OD Mount 600 Series


Model 604 TRIMAX

604TMX 2” to 4” (50.8 to 101.6mm) With two patents, the 604 TRIMAX machining system was built to be the safest, most stable split frame lathe on the market today. With the tripper mechanism being housed internally, there are no pinch points on this revolutionary new machine. The unique recirculating ball bearing also makes the system rigid both axially and radially providing the strength needed for fast, safe form tooling on heavy wall pipe.

The capacity to accept much large cutting loads and forces without adversely affecting performance maximizes the special accessory configuration extensibility of this machining system. We encourage our customers to challenge us with any operational requirements, from the simplest to your most demanding. TRIMAX is up to the challenge!

Model 600RBL-G2

RBL-G2 Series Tools – Rapid Severing and Beveling, 7″ to 60″ (177.8 to 1524mm) The new 600RBL-G2 series split frame lathes provide the highest degree of portability for applications where lighter weight is an important advantage. The RBL-G2 clamshells are designed to sever and bevel 7″ through 60″ in-line tube and pipe. These clamshells feature precise, lightweight Vee-track roller bearings which produce low drag, minimize weight, and maximize portability. The RBL-G2 features adjustable bearings and tool slides to ensure long and dependable operation. Simultaneous sever and bevel operations are limited only by wall thickness.

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